Rokerthon2 Doing the Responsible Thing by Offsetting Travel Emissions

November 09, 2015

Talk about planes, trains and automobiles!

When Al Roker, beloved weatherman of the Today Show on NBC, set off last week to deliver the weather forecast from each of the US fifty states in seven days, it was clear that it would take a lot of efficient transportation to get it done and achieve this ambitious goal.

It also creates a lot of carbon dioxide emissions to do this type of travel in a week, but the Today Show and Rokerthon2 decided to ‘do the right thing’ and neutralize the total estimated travel emissions from those planes, trains and automobiles by making a donation to Foundation.  Rokerthon2’s travel emissions offset donation will support third-party validated and verified carbon emissions reduction and offset projects in the US.

Today, on “MonsterMonday”, Al will travel to and deliver the forecast in thirteen states!

Until there is a truly zero-emissions way to travel, the only option is to make smart travel decisions and to neutralize the carbon dioxide emissions associated with that travel. is thrilled to help Al and the Today Show weather team achieve Rokerthon2 as a carbon neutral travel event.