Robert Redford and Celebrate NWF’s 75th Anniversary

April 15, 2011

The National Wildlife Federation was founded in 1936 when a cartoonist brought wildlife conservation, an unheard of issue at the time, to the political forefront. Environmentalism has come a long way since then, and NWF has been instrumental in protecting a number of threatened and endangered species, from the bald eagle to the gray wolf, with lots of grizzly bears and baby sea turtles in between. To honor 75 years of wildlife protection and environmental stewardship, this past Wednesday NWF held their annual National Conservation Achievement Awards honoring an extraordinary group of conservationists including Michelle Obama and Anderson Cooper. The gala itself was green affair having worked with to make it a carbon neutral event. Several members of the staff were present to share in the celebration of NWF’s great work and that of their honorees. Robert Redford took time off from promoting his new film about the Lincoln assassination, “The Conspirator,” to receive the Conservationist of the Year award in person, stopping to greet the gala’s guest wallaby on the way. Comedian Chevy Chase also attended the event to support his wife, Jayni Chase, who was honored for her work in promoting energy-efficient schools and environmental education for children. Jayni joked, “We try to get into schools because it’s easier than getting into homes!” President Eric Carlson and Senior Business Development Specialist Alterra Hetzel were thrilled to attend the event and show support for partner National Wildlife Federation. NWF partners with because it’s a free-to-use, Bing-base search engine that puts ad revenue toward environmental projects like tree-planting.