Ring Bear becomes Carbonfree Small Business Partner

August 16, 2021

RING BEAR is the destination for men’s wedding bands and gifts. Taking the leap of marriage is a momentous occasion and RING BEAR encourages couples to celebrate their man. RING BEAR prides itself on offering an assortment of men’s wedding rings that will fit seamlessly into his lifestyle.

In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and bring sustainability to their business, Ring Bear joined our Carbonfree Small Business Partnership Program supporting Carbonfund’s reforestation and forest conservation projects around the world.

RING BEAR views everything with a long term, sustainable outlook and is making products that are built to last. RING BEAR’s assortment of gold and platinum men’s wedding bands utilize ethical, recycled metals which emits a fraction of the carbon footprint seen in newly mined gold & platinum.

RING BEAR knows our customers are planning their futures and we’re committed to making it a greener one. By working with RING BEAR is assured our contributions are going towards impactful climate programs and in turn we can provide our customers with the confidence that their dollars are going towards a brand that shares their values and vision for the future,” explained David Schoenfeld, Founder

RING BEAR utilizes recyclable packaging and carefully avoids non recyclable materials such as Styrofoam & magnets in our operation. With each purchase we plant a tree to offset our carbon footprint.