REDD+ Carbon Offset Projects Foundation, in collaboration with its wholly-owned subsidiary CarbonCo, has developed four REDD+ carbon projects in the Brazilian Amazon.  REDD+ stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation.  This said, REDD+ carbon projects are essentially forest conservation projects that are independently audited against leading certification standards and which are financed by the sale of forest carbon offsets.’s REDD+ carbon projects are actively conserving upwards of 300,000 hectares (approximately 750,000 acres) of lowland tropical rainforest, which is equivalent to approximately 25 times the size of San Francisco or about 2.5 times the size of New York City.

The Amazon Rainforest

By protecting these rainforests from slash-and-burn agriculture and conversion to large-scale cattle ranches, our REDD+ carbon projects will reduce more than 16 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (mtCO2e) over the projects’ first ten years.  To help conceptualize just how large of an impact this is, a total of 16 million mtCO2e is equivalent to, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 1.8 billion gallons of gasoline consumed or approximately 3.4 million passenger cars driven for one year.

Furthermore, our REDD+ carbon projects are providing a wide range of community and biodiversity benefits.  Such community benefits include, but are not limited to: building health clinics; providing sustainable agricultural trainings; facilitating visits by doctors, dentists and nurses; building community bathrooms; and granting titles to local communities to help strengthen their land tenure rights.

Communities Receiving Certificate for Participation in Sustainable Agricultural Trainings

Health Clinic and Community Center Built at One of Our REDD+ Carbon Projects

With respect to biodiversity benefits, it is important to note that the Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest on Earth and is home to the greatest diversity of life on the planet.  As such,’s REDD+ carbon projects are protecting precious habitat for a variety of plants and animals.  This includes habitat for: keystone species such as lowland tapirs; charismatic species like jaguars, parrots, river dolphins, toucans, and monkeys; and species threatened with extinction such as the giant anteater.

Wildlife Throughout’s REDD+ Carbon Projects

Our four REDD+ carbon projects are known as the Russas, Valparaiso, Purus, and Envira Amazonia Projects.  To learn more about these projects, please see here for the Russas Project, here for the Valparaiso Project, here for the Purus Project and here for the Envira Amazonia Project.

We thank you for supporting our REDD+ carbon projects and to learn more, please visit’s forest carbon projects page here.