Rebounces: Bringing Back the Bounce

June 22, 2009

tennisIn 2008, three friends partnered to form Rebounces. Using a proprietary and first-of-its kind technology, Rebounces recharges flat tennis balls – those that have lost their bounce – and provides them in bulk to teaching professionals at discount. What this means is tremendous savings for professional, avid and weekend tennis players, along with trainers and institutions. It also means that more flat tennis balls are kept out of landfills, where more than 310+ million balls (US alone) end up annually. Rebounces is revolutionizing the tennis industry by looking at how it must evolve to keep up with environmental concerns and the overall need for change. Rebounces’ mission is to support the sustainable growth of the game of tennis by providing alternative ways to recycle tennis balls, and ultimately provide children with more access to the game. Rebounces doesn’t stop with the tennis industry. When balls are too worn out for the court and can no longer be “Rebounced,” the company makes them available for some unique non-tennis and recycling uses. Its motto, Replay, Reuse and Recycle tells a story that is in need of being heard: 1) Replay= Give tennis balls extended life —bring just-out-of-the-can bounce back; 2) Reuse = Non-traditional uses for tennis balls to extend their life and reduce landfill waste; and 3) Recycle = Establish partnerships in a variety of industries to determine smart uses for worn tennis balls. As a partner since 2008, Rebounces is a company who is truly working to reduce what they can and offset what they can’t. They have partnered with us to offset their business office emissions as well as all carbon emissions from Rebounces related shipments. To learn more please visit