Rainebrooke’s Pink and Green for Computing Fashion with an Environmental Focus

December 08, 2011

Need to brighten up your computing accessories? Fond of pink? Check out the fun, sleek, fashionable – and very pink – laptop bags, totes, cases and sleeves at Rainebrooke™. Rainebrooke offers a wide variety of stylish pink laptop bags, pink laptop cases, pink leather laptop bags, pink laptop totes, iPad cases, messengers, sleeves and more. Their collection of pink laptop bags and cases includes professional styles for the office, pink bags which are perfect for traveling, backpacks for school, or everyday bags for short trips to the coffee shop. In 2012, Rainbrooke will be expanding to offer a wider variety of pink bags and cases, including luggage, diaper bags and more.  Rainebrooke provides super fast shipping, personal support, and a 100% safe and secure shopping experience. Steve Fronek, Founder of Rainebrooke, explains how the company got started. “In the summer of 2005, my wife came home from a business trip and mentioned to me that she was tired of having such a bulky, boring, black laptop carrier.  She said to me, “why don’t companies recognize that women want more stylish, colorful laptop bags similar to the variety that is seen in handbags?” At that time, colorful laptop bags were not readily available. The next day I sat at the table, watching my two daughters color with crayons, and thought about my wife’s comments. I glanced at the  colorful pictures my daughters made, and thought ‘why not offer laptop bags in a variety of colors like the many colors in a box of crayons?’ At that moment, I decided to start a company that offers colorful laptop bags and name the company “Rainebrooke”, the combination of my daughters’ middle names.”  By late 2009 Rainebrooke decided to refine their focus and specialize on the one color they know best… Pink! In March of 2008, Rainebrooke officially went “green”, making numerous changes to their business operations, and made a commitment to protect the environment. To do their part, Rainebrooke has adopted the motto of “Reduce What You Can, Offset What You Can’t®”. Rainbrooke emission reduction efforts include the following:

  • Using mainly-recycled paper, packaging and shipping boxes;
  • Saving store information electronically vs. storing paper documents;
  • Reusing and recycling materials to reduce consumption;
  • Using energy efficient lighting in the office and warehouse;
  • Turning off all office computers, printers and othe electronics when not in use;
  • Adjusting thermostats to conserve energy;
  • Choosing a “green” website hosting company;
  • Offsetting product shipment emissions.

To offset the remaining business emisions that Rainebrooke can’t eliminate, they have partnered with, to further reduce their business carbon footprint to zero. “While Rainebrooke is committed to our customers and products, we also believe in being socially and environmentally responsible,” says Steve.”There’s more to business than the bottom line. We want to do our part to protect the world for many generations to come and our partnership with will help achieve this goal.”