Q & A with Tonya Kay of Happy Mandible

December 14, 2009

mandibleI frequently have the pleasure of speaking with many of our partners about their carbon neutral commitment and support  The other day I conducted a short interview with Tonya Kay of Happy Mandible where she discussed her business partnership with   Happy Mandible delivers the best food possible to TV and movie sets in the greenest way possible.  Tonya can also challenge Indiana Jones to a bull whip accuracy contest. How did you choose Happy Mandible picked by cross referencing Google results.  I compared program options and also web presence – had a very well presented program, with an informative blog, press release assistance, transparency in operation and a clean, comprehensive web design.  Finally, I contacted and the response was immediate, cool, and human – the donor assistance is admirable.

Do you encourage your employees to offset their emissions also? We are a small business and yes, employees are urged to purchase their own offsets.  In fact, I personally gave offsets away for holiday presents to my family members. Any final thoughts? Happy Mandible has the honor of working for some of the largest productions in Hollywood film and television and I am personally delighted to see productions like FOX’s 24 and others adjusting their budgets to accommodate carbon offsets, alternative fuels, alternative energy, waste reduction, recycling, personal gyms and organic produce on set.  We are all in this together and green corporate consciousness really is the next sure thing in business trends. Thank you Tonya for this honest discussion!  Interested in our business program?  Check it out here.