Put the Power of a Tiger in Your Business Ads

May 19, 2011

We all know that a business needs a smart and relevant advertising strategy, but many of us think that simply having one is enough. In fact, there is research indicating that many firms with an online presence haven’t revamped their advertising campaigns in years. So, is your marketing plan an asset…or a liability?  Is your advertising placement doing the trick?  In the same way that retail stores move around their floor sets, you need to refresh your marketing approach and advertising placement to attract new customers and keep your current patrons coming back. You have to maintain and improve it, make sure all of your information is updated, and post any notices that have recently mentioned your products or your work. Tiger Media is an innovative market leading advertising empire, serving over 20 billion ad impressions monthly. You may not have heard of Tiger Media, but you have probably seen their ads on the websites you visit. Tiger Media’s goal is to help your business earn more money and become more profitable. Even the greatest business idea is no good unless people know you exist. Let the innovative minds at Tiger Media create a professional or shocking ad campaign to command attention and drive people to your business. They have experience in print, radio, and online advertising. And Tiger Media has an environmental conscience, choosing to offset their business emissions, and then some. As Tiger Media Founder and CEO Jay Van Ginneken says, “We are not only responsible for offsetting our own emissions, but dedicated to offsetting more than our fair share for a better planet. Only by going further than what is necessary will we ever move forward.” Success starts with Tiger Media. If you need to design a new marketing and advertisement campaign or want to improve an existing one, contact Tiger Media today for a free quote for your project.