Purus Partners with Foundation via Flexport Carbon Neutral Program

October 16, 2018 celebrates our carbon neutral partnership with Purus.

Purus is offsetting their freight shipping CO2 emissions through our carbon neutral partnership with Flexport and; a freight forwarding and customs brokerage based in San Francisco.

Purus is a global supplier of contamination control products for cleanroom and hospital markets with manufacturing sites located in California, China and South Korea. This small business has a unique opportunity to provide their services all over the world from the offices in both Indio, California and Limerick, Ireland. Purus has been focusing their attention over the last few years on green initiates and product innovation to help reduce their carbon footprint. As a result Purus Biohybrid™ Mats are the first ever contamination control product containing renewable plant-based materials, providing an environmentally friendly solution without compromising on quality. This alone will cut back several hundred metric tons of CO2 emissions each year. In addition, Purus has partnered with Terra Cycle to create a global recycling program for all of their products making it easier than ever for their customers to be environmentally responsible.

“Purus is dedicated to minimizing our impact on the environment with the goal of becoming carbon neutral. We are looking at every step of the process to ensure that we are doing everything we can,” says founder and President of Purus, Dennis Baldwin. “Partnering with to offset our carbon footprint has helped us to be one step closer to that goal.”

Purus is supporting domestic and international carbon offset projects, including the New Bedford Landfill Gas to Energy Project which both captures potent methane gas and produces approx. 3.3 megawatt hours (MWh) of clean electricity.  Purus also is supporting the Envira Amazonia Project preserving nearly 500,000 acres of Brazilian Rainforest. Often called the Lungs of the Planet, the project is preserving land that is host to rare and highly endangered eco systems, which support over 30,000 types of plants, and wildlife, including howler monkeys, fresh water dolphins and scarlet macaws. The projects help local communities too, making forest preservation economically viable. 

“We commend Purus on their commitment toward carbon neutrality,” states Eric Carlson, President at Foundation, “Purus is making a substantial impact on mitigating climate change by supporting world-class carbon offset projects that reduce billions of pounds of CO2 emissions over project lifetimes.”

We wish Purus continued success in their instrumental work and look forward to working with them and their supporters on their carbon neutral shipping programs

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