Purevant Living Expands Environmental Commitment through Carbonfree Partnership

October 18, 2021

Purevant Living stands for health, wellness, the environment, and giving back. They help companies develop brand identity through digital marketing, creative content, social media management, podcasting and publications, to promote products and services.

Sustainability, the environment and social responsibility are core values at Purevant Living. Their goal is to share and bring awareness to products, services and companies that are dedicated to sustainability, the environment and practice social responsibility.

As part of their efforts to be environmentally conscious, Purevant Living recently joined the Carbonfree Small Business Partnership to neutralize their annual operating emissions.  Through this partnership, Purevant Living has offset 36 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by supporting Carbonfund’s third party validated and verified carbon offsets around the world.

Purevant Living not only works with companies to highlight all things good in the world, they have also worked to create a platform to share the efforts of their clients with their Women In Wellness and Things You Should Know podcasts.

About why she chose the Carbonfree Small Business Partnership Program,  Purevant Living Founder Stephanie Krubsack said, “We chose to partner with Carbonfund to further illustrate our commitment to sustainability and the environment and to build a structure for giving back.”