The Kenya LifeStraw Project -

The Kenya LifeStraw Project

  • Location: Kenya
  • Project type: Energy Efficiency and Household Device
  • Standard: The Gold Standard
  • Verification/Validation: ERM Certification and Verification Services

Environmental Benefits

  • Mitigate climate change
  • Reduce deforestation and degradation

Community Benefits

  • Development of new technologies and additional jobs created
  • Reduce waterborne illnesses
  • Reduces indoor air pollution

Project Description

Kenya LifeStraw Project - children

The Kenya LifeStraw Project Proponents seek to distribute over one million LifeStraw® Family units, serving over four million people, in rural Kenya. These units will treat contaminated drinking water, and reduce the demand for conventional water treatment through boiling water with non-renewable biomass. With the assistance of carbon finance, this Project can be economically sustainable and provide a significant improvement in public health.  Through the deployment of LifeStraw® Family units, the Project Proponents also seek to mitigate the release of more than 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions over the first ten years of the Project.

Kenya LifeStraw Project - Woman Demo 2

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