Private Flight Advisors Adds Carbon Neutrality to Private Jet Travel

May 24, 2012

Private Flight Advisors, LLC , a new CarbonFree® program partner, is a comprehensive private jet charter and advisory firm focused on safety, value, service, and security.  PFA’s mission is to deliver each client maximum value and service on each and every flight.  That mission now includes a commitment to offset jet fuel emissions from each client flight that PFA books.

Private Flight Advisors has partnered with to offset the hourly jet fuel emissions from all client flights they book, by supporting’s energy efficiency, renewable energy and reforestation projects.

“Energy efficiency has become exceptionally important in the private aviation industry, specifically with the cycle and propulsive efficiencies of jet engines. Through this new partnership, we are supporting projects that apply to new technologies, processes and practices to achieve the same outcome while using less energy,” explains Bryan Ellis, Chief Operating Officer of PFA.

PFA’s Jet Solutions Management maintains a goal to help clients develop and manage a portfolio of jet solutions, analyzing each client’s requirements, preferences, and budget and then advising as to the best solution for that specific trip. We applaud Private Flight Advisors’ decision to add environmental responsibility to their mission to provide maximum value, service and safety, including environmental stewardship, to their clients’ flights.