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Washington, DC. November 11, 2005 – Lucid Design Group (LLC), a maker of data acquisition and display systems for the Green Building industry, agreed to offset their corporate travel carbon footprint with On an annual basis, Lucid Design will calculate their travel footprint and offset the CO2 emissions with in turn supports carbon-reducing projects globally.

“Lucid Design Group markets technology that makes the hidden emissions of carbon associated with operating buildings visible and easily understandable to the general public on kiosk displays and the web, said President Lesley Marcus Carlson.  “and they have taken the logical step of environmental stewardship by offsetting the carbon emissions associated with their corporate travel. We hope they continue to develop their offset plan in full at a later date.”

According to John Petersen, director of operations at Lucid, “our business is committed to creating a product that informs building occupants and users of the continuous flows of energy and cycles of matter taking place around them.  Our goal is to empower people to conserve resources, appreciate the value of renewable energy and local material cycling and to be better environmental stewards of our planet.  We believe that it is crucial for us to manage our company in a way that is consistent with the goals of our products.”

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 13:54

TourJet Goes Zero Carbon with Carbonfund



TourJet offsets all carbon related costs to doing business, from office energy use to air fuel used in flights

Washington, DC. December 12, 2005 – TourJet America, a leading private aircraft broker specializing in the needs of the entertainment industry, has announced they have become a Zero Carbon partner of Carbonfund, reducing their global climate impact to nothing. TourJet offset their entire corporate carbon emissions, from office energy use to jet fuel expenditures. At TourJet’s request, Carbonfund will offset the carbon by supporting much needed reforestation projects in fire stricken areas of California. Next year, Tourjet will look into expanded support of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

“TourJet’s Zero Carbon initiative is a significant step for an industry member that must rely heavily upon carbon fuels,” said Carbonfund President Lesley Marcus Carlson.  “TourJet going Zero Carbon demonstrates what our foundation has always maintained – incorporating carbon offsets is simple and quite manageable within any successful business endeavor.”

TourJet founders, Elizabeth MacLeod and Dave Davis, added “We’ve built our business on excellent client care and we think customer service in the new millennium includes making socially responsible and ecologically sound choices.”
TourJet has an unrivaled reputation of professionally managing and delivering chartered flight services to discriminating clients. TourJet offers executive jets, first class jets, turbo-prop aircraft, and even the largest of passenger aircraft and associated charter services. With a large segment of the music industry charter flight industry, TourJet has successfully expanded into providing services to film production crews, fortune 500 companies, professional athletes and celebrities.

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