Are Posters Becoming a Thing of the Past?

October 06, 2010

Formerly ubiquitous poster displays across the country are starting to disappear. Fading, vandalism, the need to constantly update displays and wasted paper are fueling the rise of digital signage across the country. Large venue spaces, retail stores and even hospitals are changing out their advertisements, news updates and donor recognition displays for energy-efficient digital signage. So is this an environmentally-friendly development? Eirik Frimann-Dahl of Norvision LLC says yes. Each of his displays dramatically cuts paper usage and the need to constantly design, print and manually update signage. Eirik says he can update a sign from halfway around the world with a click of a button. They are also equipped with carbon monitoring modules in each display to track energy usage and carbon emissions – which is great since they’re among the lowest power consuming displays on the market. As electronic waste has a large and growing international environmental footprint, all of Norvision’s displays are made to be easily recyclable. Norvision has installed their high tech displays in a variety of venues and retail locations, including at the Phoenix Suns, Fry’s Electronics, Kroger and many hospitals. Many have found that the signs not only decrease their waste disposal but also increase notice and sales. If you find yourself constantly changing posters or signs, check out Norvision to see if a digital sign is right for your business.