Point-of-Sale Perfected with POS-X

May 12, 2011

Ever wonder how all the stores and shops you visit each week get themselves set up to manage their inventory, provide efficient check-out processes, and keep track of their sales? They turn to experts like POS-X, a hardware manufacturing company that has Point-of-Sale Perfected. POS-X was created with one goal in mind: to Perfect the Point-of-Sale experience — for resellers, software developers, end-users, and everyone in between. POS-X offers a complete line of POS products and peripherals, including barcode scanners, touch screen monitors, credit card magstripe readers, receipt printers, cash drawers, and more. Based in Bellingham, Washington, POS-X products are manufactured in 4 separate specialized facilities, all of which are ISO9001 compliant, maintaining a strict set of internal quality assurance standards to assure you always receive a quality product. In addition to unbeatable value, the folks at POS-X pride themselves on providing rock-solid technical support and industry-leading warranties. And POS-X pursues green initiatives through its sustainable business plan. POS-X is committed to environmental and social justice initiatives, such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental pollutants; the use of renewable energy sources and energy-efficiency measures; the conservation of natural resources and energy; and the minimization of waste. POS-X ensures that 100% of its electricity comes from green sources and provides its employees with a stipend to improve their home energy efficiency. POS-X also maintains a tree-planting campaign through donation of a portion of their profits, and POS-X partners with to offset the business emissions from its US operations  by supporting’s renewable energy, reforestation and energy efficiency projects. If your business needs to upscale its point-of-sale technology, why not perfect it with POS-X.