PLAYN Direct-Delivers Handcrafted Eyewear with Minimal Environmental Impact

May 09, 2012 welcomes PLAYN Eyewear to the CarbonFree® Business Partnership program.  PLAYN designs and produces handcrafted eyewear and delivers directly without middlemen. As a one-stop distribution company, PLAYN manufactures their own collections, ships them from the factory to the lens lab and from the lab to your doorstep. This one-stop delivery process reduces costs and environmental impact at the same time.

PLAYN aims at long-lasting quality and timeless designs. All plastic frames are handcrafted from Cellulose Acetate (Zyl), a thermoplastic made from renewable resources, such as tree-pulp and cotton. Their packaging is light, small and made from natural carton materials. To ensure best quality, their premium prescription lenses are cut and coated by a German master optician.

This year PLAYN joined the CarbonFree® Business Partnership in order to offset their operational carbon footprint resulting from productions and shipments.

“As a big fan of our planet, I weigh the environmental impact of my decisions carefully. Yes, we consume energy and materials, but I feel that the best way to do justice to these resources is by creating useful products with smart designs, materials and processes.” – Denis Beyer, Product Designer thanks PLAYN Eyewear for joining the CarbonFree® Business Partnership.