Plan Your Block Island Spa Getaway at Koru Eco Spa

March 28, 2012

Koru is the Maori symbol for an unfurling fern frond and a term meaning a renewal or rejuvenation. The Maoris are the indigenous population of New Zealand, a country with a shared love and appreciation of the outdoors.

Nestled 12 miles off of coastal Rhode Island is Block Island, which has the distinction of being the smallest town in the smallest state in the country.  As a small, but full service spa that strives to lead the way for a greener future, Koru Eco Spa prides itself on being a little spa with a big mission.

The team at Koru Eco Spa is passionate about spreading positive change, environmental awareness, and holistic health in a laid-back, upbeat spa environment.   Koru is an eco-friendly spa, with the environment and their customers’ health as the top priority. Respect and care for the environment is always at the forefront.  Koru Eco Spa uses non-toxic paint, furniture made from reclaimed wood, and uniforms of organic cotton.  All spa products at Koru are organic.

Most recently, Koru Eco Spa launched its own new non-toxic organic sunscreen line, Block Island Organics which offers safe, effective, and lovable sun care products.  In addition, Koru Eco Spa uses stones from the local beach in hot stone massages, honey from the local bee farm in body and facial services, and organically grown herbs and flowers from local growers in nail and body services.  And through the CarbonFree® Partnership program, Koru Eco Spa offsets its operational carbon emissions

“I believe in standing up and being an active part of the solution. Carbon offsetting is one step in the journey towards environmental sustainability that is easy for anyone to do and it makes a powerful statement.” – Lauren von Bernuth, Owner of Koru Eco Spa

Spa Getaway Packages are now available for 2012, so plan your perfect retreat today!

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