Pearl Vintage Neutralizes Shipping Emissions Through Carbonfree® Business Partnership

August 05, 2020

Pearl Vintage a small, family-owned and operated e-commerce business specializing in wearable, unique vintage jewelry and accessories from 1920 to present, has joined the Carbonfree® Business Partnership program to neutralize the negative environmental impact of its operations and parcel shipments.  By becoming a Carbonfree® Business Partner, Pearl Vintage has offset 36 metric tonnes – almost 80,000 pounds – of carbon dioxide emissions by supporting reforestation and forest conservation initiatives around the world.

In addition to this commitment, Pearl Vintage further reduces the carbon emissions associated with package shipments by using second-hand boxes and packaging materials, or fully compostable parcel mailers.  Each package from Pearl Vintage bears a stamp that reads “Please excuse, we reuse” so that customers know the choice to reuse packaging materials is an intentional one.

“Partnering with is one of many steps we are taking as a business to center sound environmental practices in our business’s day-to-day operations,” explains Supriya Kotagal Wheat, Owner of Pearl Vintage.  “As a vintage jewelry and accessory store, we are proud to provide our customers the opportunity to wear and love beautiful things that already exist. But, our dedication to conscious fashion must extend beyond what we sell to how we sell it. We are committed to offsetting our carbon emissions from shipping and are a proud partner of’s reforestation efforts.”