Yoloha Yoga

City Charleston
State SC
Country United States

Yoloha Yoga is a family owned business selling yoga products made from sustainable cork.  We focus on creating unique yoga gear that is both eco-friendly and high performing.

Environmental Commitment:

All of our products are shipped using only 100% recycled or recyclable cardboard and craft paper. We never use single-use plastic.  We manufacture our yoga products with cork which is obtained through one of the most environmentally friendly harvesting methods in the world and reduces the need for fossil fuel based foams. To reduce transportation emissions and ensure the highest quality we manufacture many of our products either in our warehouse or locally.

“As an outdoor enthusiast, business owner and father I want to ensure that we leave our planet healthy for future generations to enjoy. As our business grows and we ship more products all over the world I appreciate how Carbonfund.org makes it easy to lessen our carbon impact.” – Chris Willey, Owner