Xetum - Carbonfund.org



Xetum is a collection of California-designed Swiss automatic watches for the discerning individual. Each  watch in our collection has been carefully crafted by a veteran team of Swiss watchmaking professionals to seamlessly blend precision components with modern aesthetics.

Environmental Commitment

Xetum’s product line, packaging and operations have been designed with environmental responsibility in mind.  We incorporate environmentally responsible materials into our products such as naturally tanned watch straps with cork linings, and watch boxes made from eco-friendly rubberwood.  We also make our watch cartons from FSC certified paper.

“Reducing our carbon footprint is an important part of Xetum’s environmental commitment.  We choose to partner with Carbonfund.org on reforestation projects because Carbonfund.org projects are verified by third parties to provide real carbon reductions over and above the “business as usual” case, so we know that we are making a positive environmental impact through our contribution to Carbonfund.org.” – Jeff Kuo, President

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