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WineCommune, LLC


WineCommune, LLC uses technology to improve the wine business. Our software and technology helps wine retailers and distributors market and sell to wine enthusiasts. Our consumer-focused web sites (; help wine consumers find the best prices for the best wines. WineCommune ( is the number one wine marketplace on the Web. WineZap ( is the premier online wine search engine where you can find, price, and compare wines across hundreds of retailers nationwide. JJ Buckley Fine Wines ( is our retail arm and reaches the largest fine wine buying audience online.

Environmental Commitment

WineCommune, LLC is offsetting the carbon emissions caused by their business operations – including shipping and receiving, travel, electricity and employee commuting. Every bottle of wine they sell represents a tangible environmental benefit toward renewable energy, energy efficiency, or reforestation projects. This practical step highlights their commitment to be a leader in the wine community and allows their customers to be part of the solution.

“I am very concerned about the impact our business has on global warming. This was an easy decision considering the relative low cost and ease of obtaining carbon offsets through” – Michael Stajer, CEO, WineCommune LLC.

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