WebCitz, LLC

City Menasha
State WI
Country United States

WebCitz, founded in 2004, is a full-service web development, marketing, and cybersecurity agency with a steadfast commitment to customer availability, effective communication, and custom solutions. To help stay true to these commitments, WebCitz employs a large onsite team of web developers, digital marketers, and website support experts to provide the best possible customer experience.

Environmental Commitment:

WebCitz has historically placed a high emphasis on conservation and energy-efficiency. For conservation, we help do our part by sorting out recyclables, properly disposing of computer hardware, using paper straws in the office, deploying paperless billing for clients, and much more. From an energy-efficiency standpoint, we’ve switched our interior and exterior office lighting to LED, reduced the interior lighting durations, added dimmers to our lighting, converted to efficient hardware and displays in our computer workstations, replaced old appliances, upgraded our HVAC systems, and much more. We are now exploring options for carbon offsetting to help reduce our environmental impact from activities and choices we haven’t already found ways to improve.

“We are committed to improving the sustainability of our business operations to help ensure future generations inherit a clean, healthy environment from our generation.” – David Wurst, Founder