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We’re in the business of bringing good and healthy water to the world. VITÁ  Water is naturally alkaline water with natural electrolytes, no additives.  VITÁ  builds and maintains water wells and water projects in developing countries villages that lack clean drinking water, for every bottle we sell, we provide one person with clean water for about a year.

Environmental Commitment

VITÁ water is truly invested in doing the right thing, at every level of our business. We are located in Northern California; our entire production from water source, bottling plant, warehouse and office is all within a 200 mile radius of each other.

We deliver premium mountain spring water to you in the most environmentally efficient way by leaving little or no impact on the planet. As a certified carbon neutral company, we have invested in reforestation projects through to offset our entire company’s operational carbon footprint.

Our bottles are manufactured locally in California, with safe resins and are 100% recyclable, BPA and Phthalates free. We are committed to using the most eco-friendly packaging available, and will continue to upgrade as the materials available prove themselves to be a better choice.  Please encourage our customers to recycle our bottles!

“VITÁ water is truly invested in doing the right thing, at every level of our business.  We love the fact that is business friendly and a very supportive organization, especially towards small businesses like VITÁ.”

“We agree with their focus and effort regarding deforestation and how it has contributed to global warming.  We know that 20% of global carbon dioxide emissions – more than the entire global transportation sector — is as a direct result of deforestation and forest degradation, and we appreciate that is invested in reforestation and avoided deforestation offset projects.  Together, we can change the world.” – Shakira Niazi, President

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