Virgo Moon Farms LLC

City Mokelumne Hill
State CA

Promoting practical and profitable permaculture systems for commercial agricultural initiatives. Sustainability is a paradigm for executing long-term outcomes for projects with unlimited time horizons. Profitability needs to be understood as a function of the cost of conducting business operations over that time period. What may seem like a miniscule savings for such a huge effort in the short-term turns out to be exponentially beneficial in the long-term, where methods and applications have both improved and where the cost of goods sold is higher with inflation raising prices over time. Sustainable agriculture is about commitment, focus, training and execution built around a program that seeks to shorten process time cycles, eliminate waste, minimize defects and increase efficiency/effectiveness.

We believe in protecting nature, promoting wellness and providing the highest quality, environmentally beneficial full spectrum cannabis products at the lowest prices to empower the communities in which we live and work and those in where e are products are sold.

“The last time I checked, the planet Earth was not some benevolent Goddess lovingly nurturing humanity through time and spacelike a loving mother but more of a wild stallion prone to fits of rage and acting out and will buck us off like a mustang would a tenderfoot or scratch us off like a dog would a flea. There have been many species that we know of that have come and gone during the life of this planet. We need to be very gentle with her and act like good house guests lest we be evicted one century soon.” – John Q. Wickham, President/CEO