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Viesso allows you to build custom furniture on our innovative website: select the model that suits your sense of style, and size for your space. From there, you pick from a large variety of options for fabric, filling, finishes, legs, and more to create your own custom piece- many of which are made from ‘green’ materials. You can price out all the options available on the website. Once ordered, it is ready to ship nationwide in about 3 weeks.

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Environmental Commitment

Efficiency: We apply this to all aspects of the company, from small showrooms to reliance on technology and electronic communication. The more we streamline our company, the less dependent we are on resources such as space, energy, and materials.

Reducing Waste: All our products are custom so there is little to no waste. We don’t have large inventories of products like most companies, because we don’t build it until a customer orders it. This makes our manufacturing process very efficient and reduces our impact on the environment in terms of materials used. We also reuse as many packing materials as possible, especially with deliveries within LA County.

Materials: We offer many materials that are either natural, recycled, or are manufactured via reduced emissions. Corporate Practices: The little things add up, so actions like recycling as much as possible and using only Green cleaning solvents in our office and showroom make a difference.

“We liked the way the programs were setup, and believed in the cause they are focused on. In addition, we got a good feeling after contacting them initially.”

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