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Now in its third decade, Cambridge-based Tsoi/Kobus & Associates is one of the nation’s leading architecture, planning, and interior design firms for science and technology, college and university, healthcare, and commercial real estate projects. The firm is known for creating environments that advance the discovery of new knowledge and for award-winning designs that combine cutting-edge technology with compassion and creativity.

Environmental Commitment

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Our organization is attacking climate change in the environments we produce and in our operational culture. Regarding our production, twelve of our award-winning projects have been LEED certified. Our office also maintains 28.3% of our staff as LEED accredited professionals,  making sure that sustainable knowledge is incorporated into all our projects. Our goal is to produce work which perpetuates environmental stewardship and adds value to our clientele.

We consistently engage employees to create positive environmental behaviors. We train new staff on ongoing sustainability initiatives and send out sustainability quarterly newsletters which give praise to positive behaviors and educate staff on sustainable initiatives taking place within the firm. We also have a transit recognition program which rewards employees for using mass transit, biking and/or who walk to the office. There are $40 subsidies for users of mass transit, free showers and onsite bike storage. We initiated a composting campaign, have single-stream recycling throughout our space and donate old materials samples to local educational organizations to reduce waste.

As a tenant within an office building, we have experienced several roadblocks to creating benchmarks: we are unable to meter energy, water and waste. By accessing billing data from our landlord, we have created metrics for establishing our baseline for energy. Our goal as an office is to become a recognized carbon-neutral architectural practice. We will always have some environmental footprint because of the need for face-to-face presentations, production of printed drawings and the need to have a collaborative office space. Offsetting what we cannot reduce allows us to achieve our carbon neutral goal efficiently without undermining our ability to produce quality environments. We have committed to annually lower what we can measure, to engage and educate employees in sustainable behaviors and to offset the balance.

“Partnering with the Carbonfund.org Foundation was our first step in working towards becoming a carbon-neutral architectural practice. They are a highly recognized organization, and their business calculator served as a starting point for us to learn what it was that we needed to track in our business. The calculator made putting together a plan for tracking very simple, and the ability to chose reforestation efforts towards which we can direct our funds seemed appropriate for an architectural practice whose mission is to promote the use of natural materials and preserve green space.” – Eric “Blake” Jackson, Sustainability Practice Leader

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