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TRS Group, Inc. is the premier provider of advanced soil and groundwater remediation technologies and solutions. We have built our market in the United States, and are now expanding internationally and will broaden our technology’s capabilities to the oil recovery market. For more information, visit our web site at

Environmental Commitment

TRS is proud of our leadership position in the environmental industry and of our commitment in becoming the first carbon neutral remediation company in the US. While we work to lower the carbon dioxide emissions we generate as a company, we offset those emissions we are not able to eliminate by purchasing offset credits and offer the same opportunity to our clients on every project. We feel an obligation to minimize our impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and we encourage others to follow. That is why our carbon neutral initiative contains provisions to help our teaming partners and customers join us in preserving our quality of life for future generations.

TRS is proud of our leadership position in the environmental industry. We were the first U.S. remediation company to become carbon neutral and we remain committed to leading the fight against global warming, reducing our climate impact, and hastening the transition to a clean energy future.

– Brett Trowbridge, CEO and President

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