Trois Noix

City Saint Helena
State CA
Country USA

Trois Noix was born out of a lifelong love of wine – not only what ends up in the bottle, but also how it got there, what happens when it fills your glass, and how it can bring a table to life and people together. The magic of wine – from making it to sharing it – is as a conduit to connection. Our mantra is serious wines that are enjoyable and pleasurable right now: elegant, polished, and approachable but with structure to last.

Trois Noix is committed to working with vineyards and grape growers who use sustainable, biodynamic, and organic methods. We work to reduce waste by choosing environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging products. Now, thanks to, we are offsetting emissions.

“Our community has always been a cornerstone of our philosophy. We have a responsibility to take care of our environment and our people. We believe that wine can be used for good, and we are committed to protecting the world we live in through our passion for wine.” – Jaime Araujo, Vintner and CEO