City Waterford
State CT
Country USA

Each unique TriviAcademy game brings teams through grade school, middle school, high school, and college while playing a few bonus games in between! As the game goes on, the content matures. Assemble your team for one of our eight weekly games or a private event!

TriviAcademy’s owners are very conscious about the environment and try to do everything within their power to reduce their own impact on climate change. This includes everything from reduced consumption of plastic goods, meat products, and fossil fuels. Because their business relies so heavily on paper (every team gets two to three pieces per game and there are usually more printouts than needed), and because players and hosts alike must all drive to our weekly campuses in order to play, the owners felt compelled to counterbalance not only TriviAcademy’s carbon footprint, but also their own. In 2016 they donated 2% of the company’s gross profit, split between, NRDC, and the Sierra Club Foundation and plan to continue these recurring donations for the life of the company.

“We have partnered with because we want to lead by example in becoming carbon neutral, in the hopes that other individuals and businesses in our sphere of influence will do the same.” – Jennifer & Kevin Larrow, Proud TriviAcademy Owners