The Happy Labs

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Mission: To make the world a happier place!
Happy People. Happy Planet. Happy Labs.

The Happy Labs is organized as a California Benefit Corporation, as such, we are proud to put the wellness of the planet and our consumers at the heart of our business model.

At The Happy Labs, we have a commitment to bringing you clean body care and CBD products, with a mission to prioritize sustainability and supporting environmental efforts. In addition to sourcing organically grown hemp, plant oils, and vitamins, we aim to work with producers that use regenerative farming practices. Adoption of regenerative agriculture farm management practices helps to “drawdown” the carbon from the atmosphere into our soils, where it is sequestered. Happy Labs is proud to be using business as a force for good in the world, we are excited to implement robust social and environmental impact programs that will address global social problems and climate change.

Happy Labs is excited to unveil a line of products that were made responsibly. We have applied a triple bottom line approach to our business operations, including our supply chain and all the manufacturers that we are working with. The way our business model works is that we take into account the impact of our business on people (our customers, our employees and the community), the planet (our oceans, waterways and our lands), all while also making a living.

At Happy Labs we want to demonstrate that a consumer-packaged goods company can provide high-quality wellness products while also managing/operating the business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

From how the ingredients were grown (using regenerative farm management practices) to the final product packaging (that was made with fiber from a sustainably managed forest) – we have put the wellness of the planet and you, our consumer at the heart of our products. Through the purchasing of our Happy Labs Savior Wellness Line, Happy Body Care Line, and Happy Wellness Pills you are helping to address climate change and support farmers who are using regenerative agriculture to improve the quality of the soil.

As we entered our second year in business (2021), we are thrilled to be able to join the Carbonfree Small Business Program. Through participation in this program, we are able to offset the operational footprint of our business through the purchase of 36 metric tonnes of Triple Gold Distinction and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) offsets tied to the Envira Amazonia Project.