Telecom for Charity

City New York
State NY
Country United States

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Our initiative, Telecom for Charity (T4C) , is basically an embedded philanthropy platform , a way to utilize everyday business telecom services at a reduced cost and or increased capacity while supporting the cause of your choice. Your company can be socially responsible and lower its bottom line at the same time.

We are encouraging participants to pick as we are confident that we can make a difference together in combating climate change. The donation is 5% of your monthly bill (less taxes and surcharges), put forth by Telecom for Charity, on your company’s behalf.

For example if your VoIP service is $1000 per month your support would be $50 monthly

OR your Conferencing services are $500 monthly – $25 would be donated on your behalf

Mostly all Telecommunications services are eligible

We have over fifteen years of relationships, resources, and experience that enables us to offer best of breed services competitively and unbiased. Any service procured through our initiative is billed and supported directly from chosen carrier. We are not a reseller, we are an indirect sales and consulting agency for the carriers that we offer. We also provide an extra layer of support through our account managers and act like a consultant on retainer after any services are procured through the initiative. All the while a percentage of your bill will go to support the cause of your choice, through the Telecom for Charity initiative.

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Or Call us @ 888 775 4100

Environmental Commitment

Our initiative focuses on socially responsible business; creating support for others through their everyday telecom business services. At a reduced cost and or increased capacity no less! We have over fifteen years of resources, relationships and experience to draw upon to fit any application, at the end users benefit, as well as the generated support that we donate on their behalf.

Our Company opts for Green Wind Power, recycles office supplies, and we always choose sustainable business practices when available over others. We have donated over $55,000. To date through the ‘T4C’ initiative; we are hopeful that within five years time we will donate $50,000 monthly to various worthy causes.

The program will create sticky donations too since clients are getting needed best of breed service at a very competitive price point with the innate ability to support whom they choose along with additional indirect support. We have many carriers to choose from, as we are not tied to any one particular carrier. We offer services through a no cost consultative approach.

*every day is EARTH DAY promotion

We will make a 2.5 metric ton offset on your behalf with, with no obligation to take any services at all, just for talking to us about your telecommunications environment or discussing any opportunity, and get on your radar before you make any moves.

If we can’t help it’s just not a fit ; but most likely we can save money and or improve upon services and further support’s efforts monthly (promotion applies to businesses with 10 or more employees )

“We wholeheartedly believe in what you are doing; and feel our program can be a great way to generate support with minimal effort for a long time to come.” – Jay Frank, Program Director