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Teas Etc


Teas Etc is an online retailer and wholesaler of premium loose leaf teas, herbs and Rooibos. The company is USDA certified to package and distribute organic products and has a complete line of 100% organic teas. In addition to their tea line the company manufactures a complete line of tea accessories including; glassware, unique tea travel mugs, the Tea Temp thermometer, premium tea samplers and flowering tea sets.

The company opened in 1998 with its headquarters in Palm Beach, FL, and has grown to include an office in Shanghai, China. The company came to life when the owner, Beth Johnston, had a delicious cup of Mango Ceylon tea while honeymooning in Colorado. Never having been a tea drinker that one cup of tea was a powerful inspiration, and the company was opened 4 short months later. Visit www.TeasEtc.com for additional information.

Environmental Commitment

Teas Etc is committed to recycling, conserving energy and offsetting our environmental impact. We support the efforts of our local recycling program; utilize recycled paper goods, biodegradable packing peanuts and chemical-free cleaning products. Teas Etc is committed to offsetting our own carbon footprint with Carbonfund.org by supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects. We hope to generate greater awareness by offering our customers the option of offsetting the carbon emissions created by shipping their orders.

“Conserving our planet’s precious resources has always been a personal concern for me. With our continued expansion, both importing and shipping customer orders, I felt a further responsibility to take it on corporately. We had been looking for an effective way to offset the impact Teas Etc has on the environment but also wanted to give our customers the choice to offset theirs. We did our homework, looked at a couple of different options and decided that Carbonfund.org was the right partner to help us meet our goals,” says Beth Johnston, President.

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