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Tandus Centiva


Tandus Centiva, A Tarkett Company, offers a unique line of Powerbond®, modular, broadloom, woven and LVT flooring products as a true fit-for-purpose approach to enhance spaces for learning, working, healing and living. With industry-leading product design, unrivalled service and a commitment to environmental and social stewardship, Tandus Centiva provides the ultimate flooring experience for our customers.

Environmental Commitment

Tandus Centiva has employed a multifaceted approach to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations and products including the reduction of energy, water and solid waste, the increased use of recycled material and renewable energy, along with a continued emphasis on closed loop recycling and post consumer reclamation of its products.

The company utilizes Cradle to Cradle principals to strategically design and manufacture its products. This closed-loop approach focuses on four key areas: the choice of good materials in the design of products, the responsible use of resources to minimize impacts on the environment, the well being of people during product use and closed loop recycling at the end-of-use to produce new products with good materials.

For more information go to www.tandus-centiva.com

“Tandus Centiva will continue to conserve energy and utilize renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with its operations and products. Additionally, registering Powerbond® and modular products as Carbonfree® through the Carbonfund.org provides Tandus Centiva customers with a credible means of purchasing Carbonfree® floor coverings.” – Glen Hussmann, President, Tandus Centiva

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