T. Warner Artists

State Massachusetts and North Carolina
Country United States

T. Warner Artists. is a custom entertainment production company specializing in exceptional weddings and private events. Their passion lies where sound and sight intersect, through custom programs crafted to delight guests at every turn. Their carefully curated creative experiences aim to inspire, motivate and delight all generations.

Environmental Commitment:

Offsetting with Carbonfree Business Partnership

Energy-efficiency with Solar Powered Sound Production and Lighting Offerings

Stewardship with Leave No Trace practices

Conservation with collaborations and donations

Education and advocacy through company outlets (blog and social) and media (​​20 Small Changes to Have a Sustainable Wedding, Green Options Transforming the Wedding Industry)

“Outdoor wedding ceremonies offer unrivaled beauty, and being able to produce and perform in remote settings opens up a world of possibilities. However, the power grid is not always within reach. A solar ceremony became the perfect solution. We now offer everything from solar-powered lighting to full solar receptions. We strive to be a carbon neutral company with the help of carbon offsetting through our Carbonfree Business Partnership, stewardship, and thoughtful operations.”  – Kat Warner, Production Director & Founder