City Toronto
State ON
Country Canada

SUDSATORIUM is an indie beauty brand handcrafting fresh organic vegan fair trade cosmetics.

When it comes to packaging, less is more. Packaging generates a tremendous amount of waste, with tonnes ending up in landfills every day. So what’s the solution to reducing this packaging waste? Simply getting rid of it!

By formulating inventive solid products that can be sold ‘naked’ (without a bottle or box), it saves thousands of bottles and boxes from being needlessly produced, transported and trashed every day.

When we can’t eliminate packaging completely (like in the case of shower gels or lip balms), SUDSATORIUM uses only recycled, recyclable, reusable or compostable materials, like our post-consumer recycled BPA-free plastic bottles.

“As a social enterprise, SUDSATORIUM has always believed in the power of business for good. Through our commitment to donating 5% of all proceeds to worthwhile grassroots charities around the world working on behalf of environmental, humanitarian and animal rights causes, we believe that we have taken a tremendously big first step towards achieving positive change.

The second step has been partnering with  What drew us to partner with was how simple they make it for us a business to offset our carbon emissions generated through shipping our products to our beloved customers around the world. They provide us with the peace of mind knowing that all of our hard work crafting ethical, effective and environmentally responsible products is not undone when it comes time for everything to leave our shop kitchen and make its final voyage.”