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Steadfast Networks, founded in 1998, is a Chicago-based Internet service provider specializing in web hosting (both shared and dedicated), co-location (from single server co-location to multiple cabinets), and IP transit services. In 2008, Steadfast was named in “Inc.” magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in America.

Steadfast differentiates itself by providing superior service and being supported by underlying corporate and financial stability. Our technical support (entirely US-based) response time is among the best in the industry; often minutes rather than the industry norm of hours, sometimes days.

Environmental Commitment

At Steadfast, we’ve recognized the need to “build in” environmentally-conscious policies into the core of our business operations; we realize that “green” is more than just a sticker you put on a company to make it seem environmentally-sound. From our staff scheduling to the vendors and products we use, we have environmentally-sound policies.

Here are some specific ways we do our part for the environment:

  • We encourage the use of public transportation and all our facilities are easily-accessible from public transportation.
  • We use a novel rotating staff schedule to decrease the overall commute time of our employees.
  • In addition, we supplement our “on site” staff with robust telecommuting systems to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • On the vendor side, we purchase 90% of our equipment from a local, Chicago-based, vendor (eliminating shipping and packaging).
  • Within our data centers we use the latest power-saving systems to reduce our overall power demand.
  • Lastly, as part of our continuing effort to increase our efficiency and decrease our environmental impact, we partner with, purchasing carbon-offset credits for all base operations (staff commuting, office usage, core infrastructure, networking equipment, shared/VPS/backup services, e.g.) and give the option to all customers not fully-covered (dedicated server and co-location) a quick and easy option for becoming carbon neutral themselves.

“At Steadfast, we’re always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. fit organically into our business model and so it was pretty much a “no brainer” for us.”

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