South Western Insurance Group Limited

City Toronto
State Ontario
Country Canada

Since 1961, South Western Insurance Group Limited (SWG) has offered a broad range of insurance solutions as a Managing General Agent underwriting expertise to independent insurance brokers across Canada. SWG provides insurance solutions for traditional products, as well as uncommon or undefined products. SWG is a Canadian company that and has earned a reputation for excellence in underwriting, risk management and customer service.

South Western Insurance Group Limited is an environmentally conscientious organization that has operated as a paperless company for more than 30 years. SWG has significantly reduced its office space and has committed to encouraging its more than 90 employees to a hybrid work environment whereby they can work remotely anywhere in Canada. This decision was driven, in part, to support environmental conservation. Importantly, SWG is committed to creating awareness programs for its employees including energy footprint, transportation footprint and waste footprint as well as environmental sustainability. SWG encourages carpooling, subway travel and seeks opportunities conserve energy, water resources and recycling wherever possible.

South Western Insurance Group Limited (SWG) is committed to the pursuit of environmental sustainability as a corporation and through implementing education and awareness strategies for all employees to consider individually. SWG also seeks opportunities to support the 3 pillars of corporate sustainability (environmental, social and economic) as well as following the government’s adaptation strategies. SWG has chosen to partner with Carbonfund because their strategies align well with our goals and expectations. Additionally, the company has a successful track record and long experience for structuring projects that reduce GHG emissions and plastic waste.