Sourcing & Logistics

City San Jose
Country Costa Rica

A Costa Rican company specialized in 3PL transportation & Logistics, totally informationalized and low carbon services, the company provides all kind of solutions in the transportation and logistics area without having a single transport equipment.

The most important environmental practice of Sourcing & Logistics is its own structure.  The company has been designed based on information and knowledge, which means that the operation itself occur in a second floor of an office condo building in La Sabana, San José; the company does not have storage facilities, transport equipment, consolidation areas and such physical facilities.  Thus, S&L is a low carbon operation by itself.  That is why in 2019 the company decided to became a  is why in 2019 the company decided to became a 100% Carbon Neutral Company®

“For years we have been talking about the new economy, based on companies that understand the concept of a low carbon structure.  Sourcing & Logistics es the perfect example of what the New Economy means; and we are proud of fight shoulder to shoulder with them in this war against the climate change”. – Javier Segura M, B.A., Director, 100% Carbon Neutral Program