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Society for College and University Planning


The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) is a community of higher education professionals dedicated to integrated planning.

Members come from all functional areas of the campus, from firms that support higher education, and federal, state, and local government offices that support higher education. They come to SCUP to network and share lessons learned and best practices about planning on campus, including, but not limited to: academic and strategic planning, budget and resource planning, facilities and infrastructural planning, and sustainability planning.

Environmental Commitment

In 2003, SCUP established a day each year to celebrate campus-based sustainability efforts and called it “Campus Sustainability Day.”

On the third Wednesday of October, with a SCUP webcast as the focus of the day, thought-leaders in higher education exchange ideas, best practices, and lessons learned, and challenge colleges and universities to integrate sustainability practices into all areas of physical campus as well as the curriculum.

SCUP offers a variety of resources on sustainability practices in higher education.

“In 2006, our conference was held in Hawaii and most attendees had to travel a great distance by air. SCUP wanted to support sustainability and chose as a way for conscientious attendees to offset their travel footprint. Since then, SCUP has agreed to offer the opportunity for our conference attendees to offset their carbon footprint when attending our annual, international conference and idea marketplace.”

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