Skyline Eco-Adventures

City Pukalani
State HI
Country United States

Founded on Maui in 2002, Skyline Eco-Adventures is the United States first, and most experienced, zipline eco-tour company. Our company focuses on sustainable operations, education, and a commitment to preserving the unique natural areas in which we operate through both monetary and physical means. Customers enjoy the thrill of flying through the air, while learning about the area’s host environment and culture.

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Environmental Commitment

In a warming world, we must stop our contributions to climate change. We at Skyline Eco-Adventures are committed to a 100% Carbon Free future, in addition to our commitment to support preservation of native ecosystems, biodiversity, indigenous cultures, recycling programs, reforestation efforts, and education of our staff and customers about all all these issues in an fun and exciting way!

“Learn about the World around you, and you will understand why we all must start now . . . change begins with each of us.” – Company Management