Sitka Technology Group, LLC

City Portland
State OR
Country United States

We believe the health of our streams and lands is not improving fast enough, and that data and tools play a critical role in restoring their natural functions.  Sitka designs data management tools that help customers get more done with existing funds.

How? Sitka’s systems measure programs against expected outcomes and prompt adaptive management adjustments based on how nature responds. Like the natural systems Sitka clients manage, good software adapts and evolves as a business grows and changes.

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Environmental Commitment

At Sitka, we don’t want to stop at just helping our clients reach their sustainability goals – we feel it’s important we meet our own sustainability goals. For us, that means operating in a small physical footprint, using local service providers whenever possible, and enjoying Portland’s fantastic public transportation system and bicycle routes.

Thanks to, we can more than offset the rest of our impact and reach our goal of being carbon negative.

“ makes it easy for a small company like ours to offset its carbon footprint. It also supports a range of project types that are verified by an independent third party, an important criteria for us.”