Sip Wines

City Palo Alto
State CA
Country USA

Sip Wines is a wine marketplace that is championing small American wineries – think of them as socially conscious matchmakers for wine. What makes Sip Wines unique is their value-forward approach to the site, allowing consumers to discover and purchase from wineries that are sustainable, family-owned, women-led, first generation, B Corps, or have owners who are first generation winemakers. Sip Wines was created with the mission of telling the stories of these inspirational wineries, and they feature a curated wine selection and make intelligent recommendations based on values as well as their personal wine tastes.

Sip Wines partners with many wineries that are certified sustainable by third party organizations. These wines are made with all aspects of sustainability in mind and customers can search for and filter for these wines on the site. We seek out winery partners who take the environment and sustainability seriously. Sip Wines is also committed to buying carbon offsets for each shipment of wine ordered through the site. Sip Wines is member of 1% for the Planet which is an organization whose members donate 1% of their annual revenues to environmental causes.

“Sip Wines is committed to putting the environment first in everything we do: from choosing our winery partners with environmental responsibility, to offsetting carbon emissions of shipments, to having a remote team with minimal transportation emissions. We hope that the partnership with can further help us realize our environmental goals by supporting energy projects around the world.” – Justine DiPrete, Co-Founder and CEO