SID de Costa Rica

City San José
Country Costa Rica

Since 2003, Sid Costa Rica is an importer and distributor of office electronic equipment (mostly printing equipment), they sell and lease most of the worldwide recognized brands, having commercial representation in some of them.

Sid de Costa Rica is a company that for many years has been used to have correct environmental practices; mostly in terms of waste management, something that is very important in their industry.  However, in 2017 the company decides to take the business leadership among their industry, going beyond the environmental practices, and reaching the Carbon Neutral Certified status, being the first company of their kind in receiving such certification.

“In this country, and around the world, the  business leadership is being marked by the environmental leadership; and having companies like SID de Costa Rica into our program, companies that have invested years of efforts in order to prevail over their competence is always a source of pride.” – Javier Segura , Executive Director, 100% Carbon Neutral Program