Shalom Smiley

City San José
Country Costa Rica

Shalom Smiley® is a Costa Rican company, with more that 15 years providing outsourcing services related to human talent and human resources.  Specialized in medium small and medium size companies, Shalom Smiley® has evolved from the consultancy services to providing the whole Human Resources Department outsourcing.

Since its creation the company has been related with environmentally friendly companies which has provide them the blueprint for a real green company.  As of today, Shalom Smiley is not just a very low carbon operation, but a 100% Carbon Neutral Company®.

“Costa Rica is, as many know, a epicenter for the surging of the ´New, green, low carbon, and sustainable economy`.  This, based on companies that have discovered new, low carbon, ways of doing business, and among them Shalom Smiley is a very interesting example of a low carbon operation.” – Javier Segura,  Director, 100% Carbon Neutral Program®