SCM Connections, LLC

City Chicago
State IL
Country US

For 10+ years, SCM Connections consultants have worked with clients to develop innovative supply chain process designs, quality implementations, and sustainable adoption to provide long-term advantages over your competition. Through the use of advanced supply chain analytics including supply optimization, multi-echelon inventory optimization, and advanced demand forecasting algorithms, we’ll show you how to leverage your technology solution to its fullest potential with measurable business results. Not only are we dedicated to the future of your business; we’re a company built upon the values of trust, reliability, and dedication to your unique supply chain needs.

SCMC enables seamless integration between people, process and technology. Go beyond just putting a system in place and find a partner to trust throughout the entire IBP implementation process. See what SCM Connections can do for you.

Environmental Commitment:

SCM Connections is committed to carbon offsetting with each client flight taken.

“SCM Connections is a boutique consulting firm. Many of our employees work remotely, we don’t own any buildings or office space, and we don’t make or ship any consumer goods. Typically, these are the areas businesses look to in efforts to reduce their carbon emissions. But for us, the vast majority of our carbon emissions come from travel – we try to minimize it, but some client visits are inevitable. Until flights, hotels, and transportation become carbon-free, we’re at the mercy of the travel industry. And so we turn to carbon offsets.” – SCM Connections