Savvy Rest, Inc.

City Charlottesville
State VA
Country United States

Savvy Rest is a manufacturer of natural and organic mattresses with a nationwide network of over 60 distributors. The most popular natural mattresses use layers of natural latex as the core, and customers can create the level of firmness that they need—from very firm to very soft and everything in between; and customers have 90 days to exchange layers in order to adjust firmness.

Certified organic wool and certified organic cotton provide the exterior of the mattress. Transparency is key: organic certifications and laboratory test results are posted on our website. Savvy Rest is also certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Environmental Commitment

Savvy Rest was the first company selling an organic mattress to demand certified organic wool, and not just “natural wool” or “pure wool.” We feel that this drove the organic mattress market in the proper direction. We were also the first company to use latex from farms that are certified organic.

We recycle in our office and use recycled paper products whenever possible. Our production team receives a great deal of material in boxes, and all corrugated boxes are recycled. We also pick up and recycle mattresses from customers of our Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom stores.  Across the country old mattresses are almost always put into landfills, and we are proud to help reduce mattress pollution in this country.

“Each of us needs to make commitments on several levels in order for our grandchildren to be able to have a simple, healthy life on this planet. Just recycling or driving a hybrid won’t be enough. It’s truly a change of consciousness that’s called for—respecting the planet as its own entity that we depend on for our survival.” – Michael Penny, President