Sarnaya Inc.

City Ventura
State CA
Country USA

Sarnaya brews a palm oil biosimilar oil naturally from yeast, just like beer & bread..  Palm oil is used in almost all skincare. Tropical deforestation to make palm oil just for the beauty industry produces 14 million tons of carbon emissions every year, or the carbon equivalent of 4 million around-the-world flights. Sarnaya is working to end the use of palm oil in the beauty industry. Beauty doesn’t have to be so ugly.

We are seeking partnerships with deforestation, wildlife protection, climate protection NGOs. We plan to partner with on several programs. We also plan to partner with other NGOs aligned with our mission.

“We do not own this world. We are charged to protect it for our children & grandchildren in a time of smoldering crisis.  If we are to believe in science, our children and grandchildren will be forced to think about nothing other than the climate in the future. We will wish from our graves we did more to help them right now.” – Nicole Kelleher MD MPH, CEO, Founder