City Solon
State OH
Country USA

Salvos offers eco-friendly and sustainable products in Home, Beauty, and Fashion that are vetted by scientific certifications or with proven use cases. We want to make it easier for people to shop for products that are genuinely eco-friendly and ensure they are actually making a difference for the environment.  The environment is a vital stakeholder for our business along with traditional stakeholders such as customers, employees, and shareholders. We named the company Salvos, which means ‘survival’ in Latin because we fundamentally believe that our economy must be sustainable for the modern economy and civilization to survive. 


We are committed to:

· Offering only sustainable & eco friendly products

· Providing free carbon neutral shipping 

· Planting one tree for every ordered placed on our website


“The entire essence of Salvos is a commitment to improving our environment. The environment and climate are degrading because of how our economy is structured and how we make and ship products,” says Salvos Founder, Gurwin Singh Ahuja. “The first step in building an ecologically sustainable economy is taking control of our carbon emissions and we partnered with because it is the gold standard program to offset any organization’s carbon footprint.”