Salt Palm Developmennt

City St. Petersburg
State FL
Country USA

St. Pete-based Salt Palm Development creates high-end residential, sustainable, responsible developments for the Tampa Bay region. With focus on high functioning, luxury designs, Salt Palm makes business decisions considering environmental and societal impacts.

Salt Palm Development is directing a portion of profits and resources toward community improvement endeavors and is working with like-minded organizations regionally and globally to help foster more widespread and deliberate corporate responsibility in Florida.

Salt Palm Development is the first real estate development Certified B Corp in Florida and the Southeastern United States. More information is available at

Salt Palm is committed to improving the lives of our employees, partners, vendors, clients, and buyers, in part by practicing more deliberate environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Carbon emissions are a leading cause to warming and damaging the planet. Salt Palm and its partners know that taking care of people and planet is first priority. We may not be the best in the world but we are trying our best to be better for the world. Since inception we have adopted environmentally friendly initiatives and energy conservation ideas to not only reduce our footprint but continually improve upon our impact.

Additionally, Salt Palm is an active member with 1% For The PlanetSolar United NeighborsAmerican Sustainable Business Council, and a CSR Member of IDEAS.

We’re committed to solar on 100% of our new developments. Our newest development, Sabal Smart Homes, is fully solar-ready. With the solar option, each Sabal Smart Home will eliminate carbon dioxide equal to:

  • Planting 3,285 trees.
    • 282,000 auto miles or 14,382 gallons of gas.
    • Recycling 446 tons of waste instead of sending it to a landfill.
    • 137,393 pounds (68.7 tons) of coal burned.
    • And we help avoid use of 3,434,500 gallons of water by thermoelectric power plants.

“As children, we learn there are natural consequences to our actions. When we become adults, we continue this process of growing from our mistakes and making right what we have wronged. Carbon emissions result in a loss of habitat, loss of life and climate change. Reducing our ecological footprint and purchasing carbon offsets from a responsible organization is how we settle this debt.” – Jared Meyers, Founder/Chairman, Salt Palm Development (a Certified B Corp)