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Ryan Partnership Chicago is a leading expert in promotion, shopper and digital marketing campaigns for emerging and established consumer brands. The company’s creative professionals combine sound, strategic research and business acumen to create meaningful IDEAS that motivate purchase and loyalty among its clients’ products, services and customers.

The agency is a creative powerhouse, recently tripling in size with its breakthrough ideas and campaigns for clients such as Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Energizer, Bel Brands USA and Chaco. The agency’s 27+ years experience in developing marketing programs for top Fortune 500 companies includes full marketing mix capabilities such as Promotional Marketing, Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, CRM, Social and Mobile Marketing, Brand-building, Shopper Marketing, and more.

Ryan Partnership Chicago is a part of Ryan Partnership, the largest independent marketing services company in North America and a subsidiary of D.L. Ryan Companies, Ltd. For a complete listing of services please visit www.ryanpartnershipchicago.com.

Environmental Commitment

• Ryan Partnership Chicago uses DreamHost certified green web hosting and has begun promoting this fact on their website.

• In 2009 Ryan Partnership Chicago was instrumental in pushing the property manager of the office space we lease to up the recycling options available. Now in addition to paper, the office recycles everything from plastic, glass, and metals to light bulbs and batteries. The staff is also encouraged to use reusable coffee mugs (disposable coffee cups are no longer stocked in the office).

• In 2011, Christine Nardi Diette, Group President of the Ryan Partnership Chicago office offset the annual carbon emissions generated by employee commutes to/from work through Carbonfund.org. The total offset was 83.2 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

• Christine Nardi Deitte threw out a challenge to all of Ryan Partnership Chicago’s sister agencies in the D.L Ryan Companies network ( http://blog.ryanpartnershipchicago.com): throughout the months of October and November 2011, all employees have been challenged to make one small eco change. Christine and the Chicago team will tally the collective impact the group could make during the course of the 60-day challenge, and will announce the estimated results back to the company on Oct 1st. (NOTE – the Challenge will not be live on the link provided above until Sept. 13th). A cultural convention of the Ryan Partnership Chicago office is each employee gets to choose their favorite cake on their birthday (as of 2011 that’s nearly 70 cakes per year). Christine chose a local organic bakery (The Bleeding Heart Bakery) to service the office’s needs.

• The staff is continually looking to embrace and adopt new and creative sustainable practices throughout the entire business. Check out http://blog.ryanpartnershipchicago.com throughout the entire month of September where Ryan team members will be blogging on sustainability.

“We are making a concerted effort in our office to observe as many sustainable practices as possible. With nearly 70 employees who have to travel to the office five days a week, we decided offsetting the carbon emissions for their commutes made the most sense. Carbonfund.org made the process so simple – not to mention the organization’s outstanding reputation – that the choice for us was easy. Thank you Carbonfund.org.” – Christine Nardi Diette, Group President

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